The MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) cordially invites you to D’Harmo Monde. Winner of the 2011 Diversity Award in music, the ensemble performs original compositions while leaving room for musical improvisation. Drawing influence from klezmer, Québécois folk, jazz and classical, D’Harmo Monde is at once contemporary and eclectic. This sextet is composed of four harmonica players — Jason Rosenblatt, Pascal « Per » Veillette, Samuël Caron and Lévy Bourbonnais, as well as multitalented percussionist Moïse Yawo Matey and versatile singer / percussionist Sabah Lachgar. Their music, as a group, is an incomparable fusion of West African, Arab, Spanish, Jewish and Québécois culture that showcases, in particular, the astonishing and unexpected sounds of the harmonica.
The Diversity Award is awarded to an artist or a collective working within the parameters of world music and who are a part of one of Montreal’s many cultural communities. This annual award is presented in partnership with the Conseil des arts de Montréal, CBC Montreal, Place des Arts and Vision Diversité.
This concert will be recorded by official broadcaster CBC Radio Montreal and will be made available as a podcast on the CBC’s website.