Music is an integral part of any country's culture. The music people listen to tells a story about who they are and where they came from; it often reflects their upbringing, beliefs, societal outlook, sometimes even their income level.

All nations have certain genres that are popular within their borders. Canada's music is just as unique as we are as a people, and it too reflects the country as a whole. Here are 5 Canadian songs that say something about our nation:

1) "O Canada" - French Version (1880s)

The first song you hear at any Canadian sporting event, "O Canada" is a staple of our musical identity. The first verse of the song is primarily played on brass instruments like trumpets, trombones, tubas, etc. This gives it an inherently French tone that reflects the fact that "O Canada" was written in the late 1880's by Calixa Lavallée, a French-Canadian. It has an almost military vibe to it; something you would expect to hear at a formal ceremony or parade.

The second verse is played on strings, the oboe and the clarinet. Now things get interesting. I don't know why, but from a young age our culture has been ingrained in me that this part of the song "O Canada" reflects the wilderness and Canada's beautiful nature. It feels Canadian to me, so it must be true.

2) "Hockey Night in Canada" by Stompin' Tom Connors (1970s)This song is more of an ode to hockey than it is to Canada, but considering that this country is known as the Great White North, it certainly feels fitting. It's not only beloved by Canadians but has been and continues to be a go-to song for CBC, our national broadcaster of hockey games at night.

3) "Saskatchewan" by The Guess Who (1970s)

The lyrics to this song are a reflection of a man who longs for his childhood home. The lyrics to this song are about a place, and not about the people of the place. It's a happy song but does not feel very old and it doesn't capture anything specific, other than perhaps an idealized image of small town Canada.

4) "The Hockey Song" by Stompin' Tom Connors (1970s)

For those who don't know, this song is played at every home game during the season for the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's short, simple and catchy so it works. The fact that this song has endured the test of time shows that Canadians are passionate about hockey, which makes sense considering it is our national sport.

5) "Running" by Blue Rodeo (1990s)

This song makes reference to Canada and its vast landscape, and that's it. Although the band itself is Canadian, I'm not sure if this song was written by a Canadian; however, I can't seem to find any information about who actually wrote it.  It captures Canada's vastness and mystery, which are things that really appeal about living here.

The harmonica is an instrument that can be instrumental in creating nostalgia for people born during earlier decades because of its history in Canadian music. The harmonica has made appearances in many genres, including folk, blues, country, classical music, rock and roll, punk rock, hip-hop and even video game soundtracks.

Harmonica players have a long history of making it big. Just a short list includes Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Reed.

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